Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

The Force Awakens (2015)

Main Cast:
Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong’o, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, Max Von Sydow

Story Synopsis:
Three decades after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, a new threat arises. The First Order attempts to rule the galaxy and only a rag-tag group of heroes can stop them, along with the help of the Resistance.

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75 responses to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)”

  1. Kenny says:


  2. JY says:

    Just watch this movie.It’s just phenomenal

  3. ming tian says:

    This is reel and real life. MUST WATCH!

  4. Anne says:

    he is just so perfect aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 <3

  5. Charles says:

    There’s no end in sight. The force has awakened.

  6. Jake Cole says:

    Thanks.I am so excited for this. And i have a really good feeling this movie will gross 3 Billion Dollars. i say it’ll break the record easy.

  7. ikes says:

    Why in every scene with the stormtrooper, we see him sweating?

  8. Sally Shen says:

    Even though I’ve watched the movie twice now, I still get super hyped and exited for the movie

  9. VEX says:

    Who believes this movie will beat Avatar as the highest grossing movie of all time?

  10. Robert Roten says:

    its 30 years later and chewy has no wrinkles and shows no signs of aging !!

  11. Regina J. Fish says:

    han dies in tokyo drift :(

  12. bob says:

    Abrams plays it safe, but it’s a good kind of safe, because, for the first time in ages, the Star Wars saga has personable leads.

  13. Nora says:

    the best movie to watch for Christmas.

  14. Jeffrey Tan says:

    What is that guy name that dress up as a stormtrooper?

  15. Harriet says:

    I don’t understand how that stormtrooper is black, aren’t they all clones of Jango Fett?

  16. dogblue says:

    @Harriet Someone hasn’t paid attention in the original trilogy. Or only watched the shitty prequels, which would be worse.
    Clone Warriors are the clones of Jango Fett, but they only appear in the prequels. Due to fast aging they had to be replaced by storm troopers. The white guys. Those are normal recruited soldiers, they only look cool, and the clones dont.

  17. Kevin says:

    Thanks i personally think that the storm troopers are better. 

  18. Christina says:

    The Force Awakens begins another epic chapter in the Star Wars saga in the best possible way.

  19. Universal says:

    No all the clones died of age, they stated that clones are on an enhanced aging process for the purpose of creating fast armies, by episode 4, there were no more original clones, just guys who volunteered

  20. Christopher says:

    The force is strong with this movie.

  21. David Keyes says:


  22. 郑树芬 says:


  23. Jon says:

    I’d be inclined to give it a honorable third spot, way, ways behind episodes IV and V, and just about the same place as Return of the Jedi.

  24. aLAN says:

    i think Ewan Mc Gregor could be returned as Obi Wan Kenobi. Obi Wan is one of the main characters. Such a shame:))

  25. Nicky says:

    thanks,I watched this like 4 or 5 times.

  26. Finn says:

    i really like the stormtrooper.

  27. kat says:


  28. Brianna says:

    I just cry when I see Han Solo

  29. Benji says:

    Really what’s the point in watching this now?

  30. Majaha says:

    this movie looks like trash

  31. Walecs says:

    This is definitely be the best movie of 2015 with Mad Max a close second.

  32. Gary Seven says:


  33. Punisher says:

    Very cool. Looks awesome.

  34. Genesis says:


  35. Darth Vader says:

    <3 Darth Vader. damn i love this movie a lot.

  36. Dream says:

    Finally i can watch this movie…..thanks~

  37. Denny Tomberlin says:

    I hope that black guy isnt a clone trooper

  38. LULU says:

    a GOOD Star Wars film…from what i’m seeing with this JJ movie I don’t know.

  39. Schwartz says:

    it’s good and audience-pleasing, it can probably get up there with Avatar and Titanic.

  40. Johnny Wen says:

    What are they doing???

  41. Crownses says:

    Just Watch the movie …. Awesome

  42. eugene davis says:

    this film is going to be legend for me

  43. Nitro says:

    Kylo Ren’s saber design,it’s not the traditional cylindrical saber but slender like a sword!

  44. Fives says:

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens will derank Avatar and take the 1st place.

  45. craig bard says:

    1. Empire strikes back
    2. Revenge of the sith
    3. The Phantom menace
    4. Return of the jedi
    5. New hope
    6. Attack of the clones
    7. The force awakens

  46. Shantel White says:

    The best movie in my opinion.

  47. Han Solo DIES says:

    Such a good film!

  48. DrCoding says:

    great movie….Han solo gets killed towards the end of the movie by the man in the Darth Vader constume the guy who killed him was his own son Luke Skywalker was at the very end of the movie

  49. _Sparkie_ says:


  50. Kendrick M says:

    One thing bothering me, is that really Luke’s hand not Anakin? Luke has a prosthetic, Anakin’s was metal.

  51. MikeMaloney says:

    600 million in the opening weekend seems a bit much, but if any movie can do it , Star Wars is that movie…… May the force be with it.

  52. ClémentRita says:

    the new star wars sucks ass , It was nice to see the old gang but that was it , han killed by his own kid , bull shit . a Howard Stern looking jew playing vader’s grandson ,bull shit ( boy couldn’t act to save his ass) interracial couple, the black guy couldn’t act ether
    no character development, bad story line . truck load of cgi but most made no sense. pissed and disappointed

  53. Zackary Wood says:

    It scared me at the beginning cause it was so quiet

  54. Nicha says:


  55. Kemuel Perez says:

    Wtf did I just watch

  56. burnedice92 says:

    Finally found this movie. May The Force Be With You!

  57. Panji says:

    the ending was really out of my expectation tho…..

  58. Tobi says:

    Finn has a blue Lightsaber that has a striking resemblance to Luke’s from IV and V.

  59. kryst50 says:

    I feel like this is gonna be as bad as the 1999 star wars

  60. Dan says:

    Wow Han Solo got old

  61. Haughty says:

    Ok I’m all for a multi cultural cast but a black storm trooper makes no sense because the clones are all the same because they are copies of 1 person

  62. STELLAR says:

    I saw Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens yesterday. That’s the best to watch for Christmas.

  63. Betty says:

    And just like that, the scars of 16 years and lesser trilogies were magically washed away. We’ve seen much of what’s onscreen before, but Abrams brings a fresh energy to pacing and performances that reminds us of the joy of watching Star Wars films

  64. John Hanlon says:

    A money grab in which wunderkind J.J. Abrams choses to go where George Lucas has gone before by basically repeating plot points, even lines, from the original trilogy.

  65. allen liang says:

    OMG HAN DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. johnny foss says:

    J.J. Abrams has, for the most part, taken the safe road, not re-inventing the wheel, but building a solid, respectful and, at times, darn entertaining reboot.

  67. Matt Brunson says:

    With The Force Awakens, Abrams has begun one of the most important reclamation projects of our time: the complete erasure from cultural memory of The Phantom Menace and its sequels.

  68. Susan says:

    An exciting winner for fans and box office

  69. KyleXI says:

    Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
    Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
    Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
    Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
    Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
    Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
    Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

    <3 ALL

  70. Mad Doggy says:

    It’s enough to make a grown fan cry.

  71. BassT says:

    As far as I’m concerned, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is the best film of the year.

  72. Romil Patel says:

    Complete with the great John Williams score, dazzling special effects, lots of good humor — and of course, the creatures, it’s a real crowd pleaser.

  73. Stephen Silver says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so completely satisfied with a film. Considering the insane amount of build up and the wild expectations I had, it’s almost miraculous that a film could live up.

  74. McD says:

    Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace STILL THE BEST

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