Return of the Cuckoo (2015)

Return of the Cuckoo (十月初五的月光)

Main Cast:
Chi Lam Cheung, Charmaine Sheh, Nancy Sit, Michael Tong, Joe Chen, Wilfred Lau, Jacquelin Chng, Samuel Kwok, Chan Ka-Kai, Helen Ma, Henry Lo

Story Synopsis:
Return of the Cuckoo (十月初五的月光) is a 2015 Hong Kong film adaption of the Return of the Cuckoo series, a 20-episode TVB drama broadcast in 2000. Through the years, Man-Cho, Kwan-Ho, Kam-Sing and Aunty Q have experienced the joys and sorrows of life. While things seem to be going fine, bad news strikes: Man-Cho learns that he has cancer and has less than half a year to live.

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