Port Of Call (2015)


Main Cast:
Aaron Kwok, Jessie Li, Elaine Jin, Michael Ning, Patrick Tam

Story Synopsis:
Port Of Call 踏血寻梅 (2015) is about three people, based on a true event – a murder and dismemberment that happened in Hong Kong. Jiamei Wang has moved to Hong Kong from Dongguan, China. Desperate to become financially independent from her mother and step-father, she ends up becoming a “compensated date”. Chi-chung Ting, a truck driver who had just been brutally dumped, finds Jiamei online. They communicate with each other via text message and become friends. They share their background stories, and talk about everything from love to hate, from life to death. On the day of the murder, Jiamei and Chi-chung finally meet in person. In the room, they play, indulge in ketamine and really enjoy themselves. During sex, Jiamei tells Chi-chung she wants to die. Chi-chung squeezes her neck until she passes away. Chong Sir (Aaron Kwok) is a quirky police officer who investigates the case…

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