Monster Hunt (2015)


Main Cast:
Bai Baihe, Jing Boran, Sandra Ng, Tang Wei, Eric Tsang, Wallace Chung, Jiang Wu, Yan Ni, Yao Chen, Tang Wei

Story Synopsis:
Monster Hunt (捉妖记) is set in a fantasy world where humans and monsters both exists in two separate parts: humans under the light and monsters in the dark. Jing Boran plays Tianyin, a naive villager that somehow became pregnant of a little monster and heir, Wu Ba. He is helped by Xiaonan, Bai Baihe, a novice monster hunter to keep the baby alive. Yao Chen and Tang Wei plays both monster hunters.

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10 responses to “Monster Hunt (2015)”

  1. Roger Wong says:

    “Monster Hunt” topped the foreign box office this weekend, picking up $46 million as it shattered records to become the top-grossing Chinese film ever. AWESOME!

  2. jojo says:


  3. wangwang says:


  4. Qiyi says:

    This movie was perfect! Best balance between action and comedy ive seen so far! A must watch.

  5. Minho says:

    胡巴很可爱 他也知道谁是好人,谁是坏人!?

  6. Aoi says:

    真的太一般了。。 之前在国内吹嘘的太高了。

  7. Dulce says:

    Awesome movie for adults and kids.

  8. Ben says:


  9. Sam toh says:


  10. Zhao Qi says:

    Bai Baihe toning so dark lol

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