ARE YOU HERE (碟仙碟仙) (2015)

Main Cast:
Paw Hee Ching, Susan Shaw, Law Lan, Jacqueline Chong, Sammy Sum, Jumbo Tsang, Alan Luk, Don Li, Vivian Chan, Angela, Aka Chio

Story Synopsis:
Min,Lung,Keong and Fen are business partners of an online game design company, which is on the verge of winding up due to the lack of clients. Just as things start to get worse, a mysterious lady, Mrs. Wong offers them a sizable sum of money if they could complete the final stages of her deceased son’s online game – Ouija Board and launch it thereafter. They readily accept the business. Soon mysterious things happen and they experience ghost sightings…

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3 responses to “ARE YOU HERE (2015)”

  1. Ahmed says:

    This movie actually looks pretty good.Horror movies are the best ever! Halloween is around the corner and this movie is at the top of my list to see!

  2. Mark says:

    Just watched,the story is pretty plain.

  3. jared says:

    this movie actually doesn’t look that bad.

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