Only You (2015)


Main Cast:
Liao Fan, Tang Wei, Sophie Su, Fang Fang, Tao Liu

Story Synopsis:
A remake of 1994 American film, “Only You (命中注定)”. In her teenage years, Fang Yuan had her fortune told, and the results showed that her fated lover is Song Kunming. But after years have passed, Fang Yuan is ready to marry a man who is not her fated lover. One day, Fang receives a phone call from her fiance’s high school classmate, who tells her that he can’t make it to the wedding as he is on a business trip in Italy. When the classmate tells her that his name is Song Kunming, Fang believes that destiny is calling. Fang then makes a courageous decision by flying to Italy to search for her fated love.

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